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Relax Massage

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€62.50   1 Hour
€37.50 1/2 Hour

Relaxing Full body Massage to help release all the tension around your body and relax your mind.

Back of the Leg Massage

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N/A 1 Hour
37.50 1/2 Hour

Relaxing back of the leg Massage to help release all the tension in thigh muscles, Calfs.

Hands & Foot Massage

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N/A 1 Hour
37.50 1/2 Hour

Provide Confort and relax in Hands & Foot area with gentle movements.

Hot Stone Massage

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€75.00  1 Hour
€45.00  1/2 Hour

Very healing and effective experience, this massage can relieve chronic pain, reduce stress and promote deep relaxation. 

Back Massage

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N/A 1 Hour
37.50 1/2 Hour

 Relaxing Back Massage to help release all the tension in Shoulder blade, scapula and lower back area.

Indian Head Massage

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N/A 1 Hour
37.50 1/2 Hour

With this treatment, you have the opportunity to relax your shoulder area and head: Excellent option if you always have neck pain or headache.

Deep Tissue Massage

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€75.00 1 Hour
€45.00 1/2 Hour

Deep tissue massage therapy is similar to Swedish massage, but the deeper pressure is beneficial in releasing chronic muscle tension.

Office Treatment

Sold out

€45.00 1 Hour
N/A 1/2 Hour

Take care of your hands and wear a new polish (shellac color), then get a relaxing 30 minutes back or An Indian head massage.

Gift Vouchers Available

€ 30.00 / € 50.00 / € 100.00

Let yourself or your loved ones be seduced and enchanted by this world of amazing treatments providing your body, mind, and spirit the gift of wellness.

What our customers are saying...

Mélanie Poussin

5 Stars on Google (View all

The woman with gold hands !!!!
Edilma is amazing! And her hands are magical!

I went for a full body massage and nearly fell asleep, it was so relaxing. She’s really good at giving advice too with regards to workout and massages.

The location is super convenient and you can pay by card which was very handy. I would recommend it.

Norma O'Sullivan

5 Stars on Google (View all

A wonderful, relaxing experience.

Edilma has a calm demeanor, which made me feel totally at ease. I had the hot stone massage, it was amazing. I'm ready to book my next appointment, she has a new client in me.

Thank you, Edilma, see you soon.

Jean Walsh

5 Stars on Google (View all

I would highly recommend paying a visit to Edilma Therapy!

Edilma is absolutely amazing at her job, very professional in her approach and she really cares about her clients.

I felt so relaxed and rejuvenated after my visit, back pain and muscle tension eased! Thank you so much! ?

Edilma offers a variety of treatments, all at a very good price. I will definitely return! ?

Siobhán Cotter

5 Stars on Facebook (View all

From the moment you step in the door, Edilma is friendly and professional. The massage was amazing and she made the experience extremely relaxing.

As a lot of people, I work at a desk and have issues with my back and shoulders. Edilma worked out my knots and tension.

I left feeling so much better. I already booked my next appointment, would highly recommend Edilma Therapy.

Kate McCormack

5 Stars on Facebook (View all

I can’t thank Edilma enough.

I had 2 massages with her in the space of a week and she really is amazing.

I normally have headaches at this time of year but she has worked her magic. At this stage, I’m looking for any reason to go back.

Edilma is well worth a visit, you won’t be disappointed.

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