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Discover a world where your skills as a massage therapist not only contribute to individual wellness but also to a broader mission of holistic health. Edilma Therapy, nestled in the heart of Cork, is looking for passionate individuals to join our ranks. If you’re seeking a massage therapist job where growth, innovation, and excellence are at the forefront, you’ve found your next great opportunity.

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A massage therapist at Edilma Therapy, smiling and focused on her work, represents a fulfilling career in the massage industry.

Why Edilma Therapy?

Professional Development

We offer unparalleled opportunities for learning and growth. Here, your massage job evolves as you do, with continuous training and professional development that ensures you stay at the cutting edge of therapeutic practices.

Supportive Team Environment

Our team is our strength. Working at Edilma Therapy means being part of a supportive, passionate, and skilled group of professionals. Together, we strive to provide exceptional care and wellness experiences for our clients.

Inviting and Relaxed Atmostphere

At Edilma Therapy, our serene, sun-kissed setting offers a tranquil backdrop for both our clients and our team. With flexible hours to suit your lifestyle and a workplace filled with like-minded individuals, it’s not just a job; it’s a happy place where your well-being is prioritised.

Join Our Team

We’re looking for certified massage therapists who are not only skilled in various massage techniques but also deeply committed to the wellness journey of each client. If you’re ready to take your massage therapist job to the next level, we would love to hear from you.


How to Apply

Taking the next step in your career is easy. Simply fill out the application form available below. Be sure to share why you’re passionate about massage therapy and how you see yourself contributing to the wellness mission at Edilma Therapy.

For more information, feel free to contact us directly. We’re looking forward to hearing from you and possibly welcoming you to the Edilma Therapy family, where together, we can lead a global wellness revolution.


Massage therapist Edilma Torrez confidently performs a leg massage, exemplifying the skilled care at Edilma Therapy.

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